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  • Ivan's second string quartet, Ascent to the Cold Mountain was premiered by the Split String Quartet at the concert on December 5, 2011 in the Croatian National Theatre in Split.

  • Les Printemps Passe for cello and piano was chosen for the project Cage99 of the French modern music ensemble Decadanse. The premiere was held on October 29, 2011 in Montreuil with Christine Radais, cello and Tristran-Patrice Challulau, piano.

  • On the same date – October 29 - but on a different continent, another of Ivan's compositions received its premiere. It was The Everlasting Voices for mixed choir, which has won Honorable Mention at the Freudig Singers Composition Competition. Roland E. Martin was conducting the Freudig Singers at the concert held in Buffalo, New York.

  • Split Guitar Quartet premiered the 4-guitar version of I’m still working on it at the concert on October 19, during the festival Days of New Music in Split.

  • Monkey Face for violin, viola, cello and piano has won the First Prize at the 2011 Garth Newel Composition Competition. The premiere was held on August 27, 2011 at the Garth Newel Music Centre in Hot Springs, Virginia with Ivan giving a presentation of the piece before the performance. The performers were Teresa Ling, violin, Evelyn Grau, viola, Jan Müller-Szeraws, cello and Misuzu Tanaka, piano.

  • Ivan's music was chosen again to be presented at the international project Invitation to Composers, organized by the London Schubert Players and funded by the European Council. This time it was Spring Passes for piano 4-hands and string quintet, premiered at London's Bolivar Hall on June 29, 2011. Alberto Potugheis and Anda Anastasescu, piano, Alicja Smietana and Anca Campanie, violins, Mihai Cocea, viola, Nikolay Ginov, cello and Doo Wong Chung, double bass, gave a compelling first performance of the piece.  The recording is available here.

  • Raven's Pass for basset clarinet and piano has won the First Prize at the 2010 Anton Stadler Composition Competition. The piece was first performed on May 6, 2011 in London by Dr. Marc Naylor, basset clarinet and Karen Newby, piano and is scheduled for publication by Edition Lyriques.

  • The HRT Jazz Big Band with Saša Nestorović, conductor, performed Ivan’s jazz piece Mareta at the concert on March 15, in Studio Bajsić, Zagreb. The show was recorded by Croatian national radio and television and aired a month later.