composer • organist • pianist • arranger • jazz musician


Symphonic Music for big orchestra (1984)      
  Essercizi sinfonici (1986)      
Five haiku after Bashô (1989) excerpt 1
excerpt 2
Large chamber Mandorle dolce, mandorle amare (2000) for mandolin orchestra      
  Marittimo (2006) for ob, pno and string orchestra. Versions for sop. sax, pno and string quintet (2008) and for trp, pno and string quintet (2010)   full track at myspace scores and recordings
  Cascades classiques (2008) for string orchestra. Version for mandolin orchestra (2011)     scores and recordings
  A thousand pines, one Moon (2009). Version for two pianos (2012)   full track at myspace  
  Sustainable development (2010)      
Small chamber Pathways (1982) for string quartet      
  Airborne (2007) for bcl and string quartet. Version for cl and string quartet (2008)   full track at myspace scores and recordings
  Pebbles (2008) for fl, ob, cb and pno   full track at myspace  
  Tracing (2010) for one harm. and three mel. instr.      
  Monkey face (2010) for vn, vla, vc and pno      
  Spring Passes (2011) for pno 4-hnd and str. quintet   full track at youtube  
  Ascent to the Cold Mountain (2011) for string quartet      
  I'm still workin' on it for 4 guitars (2011)      
Solos and Duos E (1981) for ob     score
  Rivers, like in a dream (1983) for bcl and org     score
  Five haiku after Bashô (1987) for org   full track at myspace scores and recordings
  Sotto voce (1994/2008) for pno   full tracks at myspace
cd at cdbaby.com
scores and recordings
  Behind the Cloud (1996) for org      
  Canto de la ave rapiega (2009) for vc and pno. Versions for bcl and pno, also bcl and org (2012).     scores
Lamento (2009) for afl and org
  Raven's Pass (2010) for basset cl and pno      
  Microgrooves (2012) for harpsichord   Micro Blues track
Microscope Romp track
  Summer in the world (2012) for harpsichord     score
  Spring Passes (2013) version for  2 pianos   full track at soundcloud  
Vocal Tri ženske pesme (1982) for sop and pno      
  Chamber Music (1986) for sop, vc and pno   excerpt score
  Aliénor Courante (2012) for sop, vc and cemb     score
Choral Pastir dobri (2001) for women's ch and pno   excerpt score at halleonard.com
  Sunčana ura (2003) for women's ch, perc and pno      
  The Everlasting Voices (2010) for mixed ch. Version for women's ch (2010)      
  Oblaci nad Splitom (2011) for mixed ch. Version for women's ch (2011)      
  Razina rotkvica (2012) for mixed ch. Version for women's ch (2012)      
  Spring Passes (2012) version for 8-part mixed choir and piano 4-hands      
  Yuku haru ya (2012) for 8-part mixed choir a cappella      
  Kyrie eleison (2013) for mixed choir and organ      
Electronic Ostrvo glasova (1992) - Cycle: Weaver, Isle of Voices, Golden Sandals, Wild Birds, Farlimas, Sun Beat   full tracks at myspace  
  Mesečeva prekretnica (1993)   full track at myspace  
  Newborn (1994)   full track at myspace  
  Intelligence of the heart (1995)      
Theoretical Technique and structure of fugue in organ works of D. Buxtehude (1995)      
  Introduction to Renaissance and Baroque ornamentation (1996, with Erma Sotirova)