Welcome in the ancient city richly at history, on the sunniest island in the Adria, Hvar. Many will say to him that the material city from fairy tale architecture, with his beautiful nature and the mild climate. In Hvar finds to each human for itself, what he grants peace in the soul and bodies ease, and not without reason, the city has recently celebrated 140 years handling organized tourism.

In the city Hvar to be reached can with the ferry directly to the port Hvar, or on the road from the central part of the island, but no matter, where it seems Hvar now like a city under monument protection. Century are the walls epoch and a maximum of Renaissance, there its form. Thinking marks in monument, monument to monument, the city Hvar a jewel is hidden in the time.

We recommend to you, that visit; Away Fortica (Spanish); Hvar cathedral; Hvar theater (and arsenal) became in the year 1612. Year… nevertheless, Hvar is not only monument, this island  and the port, Pakleni islands, is before the entrance to the Hvar bay, its hotels, apartment, the air, which heals, his restaurants and bar, friendly hosts, all this, those the spirit exclusive destinations.

Night life Hvar among other things pulls young people in the search for fun from the whole world. A typical day covers boat in close proximity to at noon, then drinking coffee in one the Hvar coffee bar with view of the Waterfront. The lunch in a Hvar the numerous restaurants with fresh fish, house-made olive oil and vegetable and qualitatively high-quality native wine, then occupation of the city in one of the trip boats that driving in one of the bays on the Pakleni islands, enjoying the clean water, until the evening sun. After its return of visits café, a route of historical monuments, Shopping in the business under the old stone road in the heart of the city Hvar, only for the heating up the hot evening in the famous Carpe Diem - in, and then Disco club Fortica or Veneranda.

A special part of island Hvar of tourist offer is it, remains invariably in the bays in the proximity of the city, being visited can with the car, bicycle or migrations the Mediterranean country shank. In these bays one can swim, and nearly each restaurant has a suitable place or for refreshment. If you the natural charm of the accommodation of high quality and in the Mediterranean warmth and politeness, a city of Hvar is always ideal a destination for one vacation for the society, pairs and families.
The city Hvar is proudly on the oldest popular (Folk) theater in Europe. Hvar delighted by the centuries to recognize in-und transfer artists to foreign architect, the canvas. But the city Hvar best history I has your history over itself. Come and experience you a part of the legend.
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